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Our '66 Clark Cortez Motorhome


Our '66 Clark

Hi, My name is Dana Keech. My wife is Marilyn.

I would like to tell you about our Cortez, and a little bit about OUR Cortez history.
We purchased our Cortez on Labor day weekend 1988.
Marilyn and I have owned it for over 11 years now.
We have made many improvements in the Coach.
50 thousand miles later (it now has 185 thousand) we still enjoy it.
We come from a family of Cortez owners of sorts.
My Aunt and Uncle owned 3 different Clark Cortezes. My Mom and Dad owned a '67 for over 20 years.

Would you like to take a tour of our Cortez? LETS DO IT!

First, a few instructions. (Well, there had to be some)

The tour works as follows: At the bottom of each tour page (including this one) you will see 3 buttons. The left one (BACK) brings you back one page. The right one (NEXT) moves you to the next page. The center button (Cortez emblem) sends you back to the homepage from anywhere in the tour.

OK, now to the tour. Please keep hands and feet inside at all times when touring the inside of our coach. Also, no smoking please. Thank you.


Tour last updated 11-9-98

Have you been here before? I now have the cradle removal and reintallation ready to show you. If you would like to skip directly to it, Click HERE . If you have not been here before, please click on NEXT down below to continue the FULL tour.

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